Practicus AI v22.8 is released!

We are pleased to announce that today we released our second major production release, v22.8 of Practicus AI.

This version includes several minor bug fixes. Thank you all who provided us feedback! Please keep sending!

We are also releasing several new features, including:

  • Our AutoML now helps you to build explained, responsible, ethical and fair AI.
    Please read more about it in this blog post.
  • Improved performance for DASK + parquet read operations.
  • Improved model build visibility.
    You can now click the model button to view the progress and logs immediately. Previously you could do this by using the built-in jupyter notebook interface.

  • Ability to abort model build to quickly free memory and other resources.
  • Advanced node configuration.
    You can now click the “Config” button to view the cloud configuration and status of your data, change sampling or move to an entirely new cloud node. For instance, you can start a cloud node with 8GB RAM, experiment for a while to realize you need more capacity. You can then start a new larger node, say with 128GB RAM, click this button and we will move the data and all your steps to it. You will be able to continue where you have left without any interruption.

  • Smoother transition from local file to to cloud. For features that require the cloud we now offer a quick way to upload your data and replicate your steps.
  • … and thanks to our rock star engineering team, 48 other minor improvements!

Please feel free to download right away and let us know if you face any issues or request new features. 

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