Download Practicus AI app

Download our forever free app and start using Practicus AI right away!

Our new version is currently being rolled out on App Store, which takes around 24 hours. 
Please use the below installer in the mean time.

You can download from our GitHub repo too!

Please check our step-by-step guide if you need assistance.

Python Developer?

You can also use pip as an alternative installation method. 
Please check the pip and quick start details below..

You can pip install practicus (Windows/macOS/Linux: 3.10+) and then run practicus from the terminal. Or run, python -c “import practicus;”  (python3 for macOS or Linux).

Installing using pip will give you the exact same end-to-end GUI application experience. Similarly, if you download the packaged app you can still code freely when you want to. So, please select any method of installation as you prefer. 

As for any Python application, we strongly recommend you to use a virtual environment such as venv or conda. Please check the recommended QuickStart scripts on this page to create a virtual env, install Practicus AI and run with peace of mind and in one go.

For server environments or API only usage, you can pip install practicuscore to install the core library by itself without the GUI elements. (Windows/macOS/Linux: Python 3.10+) 

This is a very small library with fewer requirements and no version enforcement (pin) for any of its dependencies. It’s designed to run in existing virtual environments without overriding the version requirements of other libraries. Please check the documentation for more details. 

:: install 
python -m venv %UserProfile%\practicus\venv
%UserProfile%\practicus\venv\Scripts\python -m pip install --upgrade practicus

:: run
# install
python3 -m venv ~/practicus/venv 
~/practicus/venv/bin/python -m pip install --upgrade practicus

# run source ~/practicus/venv/bin/activate practicus
# install
python3 -m venv ~/practicus/venv 
~/practicus/venv/bin/python -m pip install --upgrade practicus

# run
source ~/practicus/venv/bin/activate

# Gnome user? Since Practicus AI is a QT C++ application,
# if you get qt.qpa.plugin error please run:
sudo apt-get install \
'^libxcb.*-dev' libx11-xcb-dev \
libglu1-mesa-dev libxrender-dev \
libxi-dev libxkbcommon-dev \