New activity and messaging system for better collaboration

We are pleased to announce new Practicus AI activity tracking and messaging features between team members to improve collaboration!

Let’s explain using a scenario.

1) A user named Bill loads the Boston data set. Makes some changes and feels there is a need for some clarification.

2) Bill clicks the Activity button in the toolbar and adds a comment.

3) Bill then clicks save, and saves the worksheet as a new file named boston.prt.

What is a .prt file?

Practicus AI .prt files are simply .zip files that contain all of the necessary information you need about a particular data science work.

By default, a .prt file includes:

  • The location of the original data (local path, database query, S3 location …)
  • A sample of the original data, in case you do not have access to the original data source.
  • All of the data preparation, AutoML, ML prediction, custom injected code, SQL etc. steps performed on the data.
  • A sample of the final data, after all the changes, predictions etc. are completed.
  • Other activities, e.g. if a user deletes a step, the final step list is updated, and the activity log system keeps audit trails of these changes.
  • User comments

Security note:

If you work with sensitive data, you can skip saving sample data to the .prt file and only share steps, comments etc. In this case, the user that you share the .prt file with would need to have access to the original data source, OR, they can also apply your steps to another data source that they have access to. 

Let’s continue our scenario..

4) Bill shares his work with another user, Alice.

5) Alice opens boston.prt file to continue work. 

6) There will be a red notification dot on the Activity button since there is a custom comment in the .prt worksheet from another user. This is similar to regular text messaging.  

7) Alice clicks on the Activity button to see all of the activities, comments from other users and their names. 

8) Alice decides to respond with a comment of her own, saves the file, and shares it back with Bill.

(Optional) The file location Bill and Alice work on could be a shared cloud location such as Google Drive. In this case, Practicus AI app will handle file write conflicts, updates from other users etc. 

9) Bills opens the file and gets notified there is a comment, clicks on the Activity button to view Alice’s changes and her comments.

Bill and Alice repeat this cycle, include others as needed, and they continue collaborating happily ever after..

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