Practicus AI Cloud on AWS Marketplace

Practicus AI app is forever free, and our AWS marketplace options offers a forever free tier too. 
For larger cloud capacity, or some of the advanced features, we offer you a transparent and no-up-front-cost model to pay-as-you-go hourly.

Please view the professional license example scenarios, or the frequently asked questions section to learn more.

Free App
Forever free
  • Work with local files
  • Visualize Data
  • Advanced Data Preparation
  • 200+ Excel compatible functions
  • Built-in Python editor
Free Tier
Forever free
  • Use cloud data stores, data lakes
  • Advanced Data Profiling
  • Built-in Jupyter Lab
  • Predict using any AI model
  • Up to 1K rows sample size
Pay-as-you-go hourly
$0.80 / hour
  • Unlimited data access / features
  • Advanced AutoML
  • AI and Data Prep with Excel
  • Production DataOps / MLOps
  • No commitment, no credit card,
    start using instantly!
Fixed price for unlimited users
  • Tailor-made pricing for your needs
  • Offers multi-user discounts
  • Pay monthly without committing
  • Commit annually for savings++
  • Enterprise support option

Professional Tier Pricing Examples

Light pro-cloud usage

Use for an hour, every week

Regular Practicus AI Cloud Node *
m5.large (2 vCPUs, 8GB RAM)

Practicus AI cloud license : $0.80 
AWS EC2 :  $0.096 (us.east-1)
AWS Other : ~ $0.004  (EBS, network, ..)  

$0.90 total / hour 

4 days a month: 4 x $0.90

Total Cost of Ownership
Including Practicus AI and AWS

$3.60 / user / month

Regular pro-cloud usage

Use for an hour, every day

Regular Practicus AI Cloud Node *
m5.large (2 vCPUs, 8GB RAM)

Practicus AI cloud license : $0.80 
AWS EC2 :  $0.096 (us.east-1)
AWS Other : ~ $0.004  (EBS, network, ..)  

$0.90 total / hour 

20 days a month: 20 x $0.90

Total Cost of Ownership
Including Practicus AI and AWS

$18 / user / month

Heavy pro-cloud usage

Use 2 hours, every day, with larger capacity

Larger Practicus AI Cloud Node *
m5dn.xlarge (4 vCPUs, 16GB RAM, 150GB SSD)

Practicus AI cloud license : $1.20 
AWS EC2 :  $0.272 (us.east-1)
AWS Other : ~ $0.028  (EBS, network, ..)  

 $1.50 total / hour 

2 hours x 20 days a month: 40 x $1.50

Total Cost of Ownership
Including Practicus AI and AWS

$60 / user / month

* Practicus AI cloud offer 65 different types of cloud node capacity, including GPUs, hundreds of vCPUs, Terabytes of RAM, additional local SSD drives, and more network bandwidth. The larger the cloud node, the bigger the discount you get. Please check our discount table to learn more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Free Tier Questions

The forever free concept is about our long-term commitment to democratizing AI and making it accessible to larger audiences

Although it is not a contractual commitment, we publicly announce that under the current ownership and leadership structure, Practicus AI will not change their mind one day, and start charging for the app or the entry level cloud offer. 

Practicus AI free app works on your laptop and offline. It is great to work with local files (.csv, .xlsx …) even if they have hundreds of millions of rows.

You can visualize data, perform data preparation steps that can later run on the cloud.

You can also use Excel-compatible functions to build complex formulas to process and prepare data. 

Practicus AI app also comes with a simple but powerful Python editor. 

Many AI/ML and Big Data functionality require advanced  systems / code libraries.

Instead of installing all of these systems on a users laptop, we offload key responsibilities to the cloud. 

Some of our cloud only  functionality are:

  1. Advanced Data Profiler
  2. Quick SQL on any data
  3. Building AI models with one click (AutoML)
  4. AI-based predictions

You can access all cloud data sources, create Advanced Data Profiles, run SQL statements on any data (including files on your laptop), build AutoML models and make predictions.

Our free cloud offers limited CPU and RAM. You can read big data, but can only work on a sample size of 1,000 rows (random sampling supported). 

Our Excel module to export models or execute data prep functionality needs more RAM, and therefore is not available on the free tier. 

The code deployment for production pipelines (i.e. Airflow) also doesn’t work with the free cloud tier.

Professional Tier Questions

Like your electric or water utility bill, AWS will measure (meter) the hours of your Practicus AI cloud usage, and bill you monthly.

This only works when you enable (subscribe to) Practicus AI on AWS marketplace. The model works somewhat similar to an app store on your phone.

You normally see your itemized AWS usage, such as compute, storage and network on your cloud invoice. For the months that you use Practicus AI, you will also see Practicus AI professional cloud hours as one more line item. 

Please keep in mind that you stop paying for Practicus AI cloud the moment you stop using it. You do not need to disable or unsubscribe an offer.

All AWS marketplace usage is displayed at the top of your AWS bill, so it is really hard to miss. 

Please see below a sample AWS bill with Practicus AI usage in multiple regions, with regular cloud nodes, and advanced GPUs.

No. You can have one AWS account and share it with thousands of users, by creating a new AWS user for each. This way, you can have one AWS bill with all the usage.

Every AWS account has spending limits that you cannot remove. You can increase or decrease this limit, making sure you do not go beyond your budget. 

Sometimes a user will consume most of the AWS account limit, leaving little to others. To control an individual’s consumption better, you can do one of the below:

1) We tag each Practicus AI cloud node on AWS with the AWS user name. You can easily report usage through AWS console, AWS CLI, boto3 SDK etc. to see who is running, and what they are running. And then contact them directly, or shut-down cloud nodes on behalf of them. Although not ideal, our app is designed to handle this type of abrupt stop.

2) You can create many child AWS accounts under one primary AWS organizations account. This way, you can have one “payer account” that you use to pay AWS, and many child user accounts. You can then define limits separately for each user account, depending on their needs. Your AWS bill will show you itemized usage for all accounts combined, and also separately for each child account. You will have a 360 view of your spend, and at the individual level.

3) You can get a Practicus AI enterprise license (BYOL), which means AWS will not charge you for Practicus AI usage at all. You will still have the AWS infra usage control problem, per user, but at least your problem will get smaller.

4) You can hang tight, and wait for our next version. We will be introducing a method where you will have granular control and governance over each users’ allocated cloud capacity.